My name’s Stewart Hardy. I live, work and play in Edinburgh and like travelling around Scotland (not to mention London and the South East).

I started taking pictures back in 1996, as part of a qualification in college. That was a time when darkrooms were involved, you learnt to thread a negative onto a spindle blindfolded and even the worst 35mm camera had all the resolution you needed. Digital cameras were just a fanciful thought for the masses.

Fast forward to 2006 and picking up my first digital camera. Combined with new skills on photoshop I had a ball and haven’t looked back.

As you can see from these galleries, my main fields of interest are landscapes, architecture and people & portraiture (or any living thing that moves!). But, like most other photographers, I shoot anything I see around me that takes my interest (and things I am commissioned to shoot!).

I have had my shots published in the usual suspects of local and national press, photo magazines and Novel front covers etc.


  1. Event photography
  2. Reportage
  3. Corporate
  4. Bespoke / commissioned shots
  5. Children and baby / animal portraits

There’s always more…

The shots on this website are a (very!) small selection of my portfolio. If you’re thinking of a photo idea, chances are I have shot something close to or bang-on what you need.

Call me

I like to chat through any requests that come my way so feel free to give me a call.